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why choose alphabinary as binary options broker

AlphaBinary is the foremost investment company which specializes in binary options trading. It is a regulated binary options broker which conforms to all regulatory norms under the ASIC regulations (Australian Securities and Investments Corporation).

The main aim of AlphaBinary is to satisfy its customers by providing a world-class service through its exclusive binary options trading platform alongside an array of high-end trading tools, exceptional assets and innovative features.


AlphaBinary endeavors to respect all international standards in order to maintain its impeccable reputation. In this way, traders have the guarantee that they are investing in an entirely safe and secure online trading platform. Moreover, AlphaBinary makes sure that there is no incongruity as far as the expectations of traders are concerned.

By adhering to legal frameworks, AlphaBinary conveys a certain trust in its users which in return enables it to maintain a long term relationship with them. In addition, this acts as an effective means of communication with legal institutions so that it can provide a trustworthy and reliable service to its traders.

Simplicity and Security

AlphaBinary’s binary options trading platform is the most aberrant one as it is not only simple to use but it adheres to a very high level of security. In fact, the interface has been conceived to enable traders of different trading background to easily situate themselves, allowing more user-friendly interaction and assuring quick adaptation to the environment.

AlphaBinary also provides contemporary and modern security protocols as its platform is SSL certified. In short, the personal details of traders are strictly kept secure among employees. In an attempt to deliver only the finest output, AlphaBinary sets high standards for its team as well as for all stakeholders concerned.

In addition, AlphaBinary constantly endeavors to maintain a high level of privacy measures in its database. The data of all traders need to undergo HTTP secure web protocols to ensure that there are no fraudulent activities. AlphaBinary’s platform is also PCI approved and certified.

SquareOne: The Binary Options Academy

AlphaBinary dispenses a learning section namely SquareOne to all its traders. This section encompasses the ABCs of trading as well as all other elements pertaining to a successful binary options trading career. From videos, e-Books to guides and other useful learning materials, AlphaBinary has it all. The concept behind SquareOne is to boost traders proactiveness and knowledge prior entering the trading arena. The preparatory segment is vital and contributes deeply in shaping the mindset of traders, especially novices.

Accordingly, SquareOne has been enhanced to accommodate for traders of all spheres so that each fragment have their own fair share of learning materials that responds to their expectations. They can ultimately make use of these practical and efficacious resources found in the learning section in order to improve their binary trading experience as well as learn new aspects of trading.

Innovative Trading features

AlphaBinary is constantly moving forward with the aim that traders can fully make the most out of their trading journey, armed with the right manoeuvre right at the outset. It provides sophisticated and ingenious features and one of them is mobile trading. AlphaBinary’s mobile application supports both iOS and android smartphones. These apps enable trading flexibility among traders as they can place transactions anywhere and at any time when they make use of mobile trading. The ampleur of mobile trading is undeniable, given the mainstream trend that users have adopted. AlphaBinary has especially formulated its mobile applications to meet the trend.

Furthermore, traders do not remain confined to their desktops or PCs. They can react instantly to any market updates or events, no matter where they are, with the exception that they have access to mobile trading. Therefore, they can maximize their chances of moving towards a fruitful and profitable trading experience. By implementing the mobile trading features on its platform, AlphaBinary wants to ensure that traders enjoy a variety of features to make their trading experience a unique one.

AlphaBinary delivers a unique and outstanding service to all customers. In addition, AlphaBinary’s motto is to assist all our traders in a professional manner and within the minimum timespan. AlphaBinary is also always looking for the most innovative methodologies and awe-inspiring technologies in order to provide a praiseworthy and remarkable service to traders. AlphaBinary embodies the finest binary options experience at all levels and it strives to constitute an essential part of our identity.”

Trading Tools and Assets

AlphaBinary bestows conspicuous and highly efficient binary options trading tools to ensure that its traders have an immense choice while trading binary options on the platform. The effective trading tools include the Classic Binary Options; Pairs; Long Term; Chrono; One Touch; Ladder and Forex Options. These seven types of trading tools have been designed keeping in mind the specifications and requirements of different traders.

Moreover, AlphaBinary provides a range of gilt-edged assets to make sure that traders can experience trading with diverse assets, thus, ensuring a broad trading perspective. The four main assets that traders can use to place transactions include Stocks, Commodities, Indices and Currencies. Hence, AlphaBinary endows its traders with the most enthralling binary options assets to transact with.