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AlphaBinary mobile trading

Mobile trading is prevailing in the binary options trading industry and to keep pace with the latest market trend, AlphaBinary has developed its mobile trading applications, enabling traders to transact from anywhere and at anytime.

Mobile Trading at a glance

In the world of binary options, mobile trading is the use of wireless technology in trading assets like Stocks, Commodities, Currencies and Indices, thereby enabling more flexibility. This trading feature allows traders to ingress the AlphaBinary trading platform from their mobile devices instead of using traditional trading methods, i.e. their desktop or PCs.

By supporting this type of technology, AlphaBinary allows easier access to smartphone/tablet users so that they can manage their portfolios and transact even when they are away from a desktop/laptop.

The mobile trading concept has been elaborated specifically for users who are constantly on the move and are in need of a high-end mobile trading platform to meet up to their requirements. In an ever-increasing world of top-notch technology, mobile trading is gaining popularity among many and AlphaBinary ensures that it caters for that percentage of its clients’ portfolio that prefers smartphone usage over traditional means of trading. Hence, it not only provides an outstanding service, but it also ensures that all clients are satisfied in terms of user-experience.

Assets at your fingertips

With AlphaBinary’s trading application, trade with popular underlying assets at any given time. In addition, the smartphone acts as a gateway to practical trading, enabling traders to place transactions at their own will and at any time depending on the availability of the underlying asset. AlphaBinary traders can also easily download and install the mobile app on their phones without any additional charges. To accomplish this, they simply need to download their respective application, i.e, on Play Store or iTunes so that they can start trading from their phones.

Traders who aspire to use a mobile device for trading can simply go on their respective stores and download the app or simply click on the respective links below to get started. Once they have downloaded the trading app, they need to install it on their smartphones or tablets. Mobile users can start trading by choosing their preferred asset. As such, they can execute trades on a 24/7 time basis irrespective of their location.

AlphaBinary enables traders to trade all four assets similar to the regular trading platform, thereby giving this percentage of mobile users the accessibility to enjoy from the same privileges than that of the traditional trading platform. Traders also have access to all the trading instruments found on the platform.

Heighten your trading experience

As compared to trading on their desktops, traders can open transactions even when they are not at home or in their office by accessing the trading platform from anywhere. Mobile trading is, indeed, the best feature that busy traders can make use of. In fact, it promotes greater access to another segment of the population, arming them with a mighty element that enables them to transact in all confidence. For instance, people with a busy work schedule or people who own a mobile device instead of a laptop or PC, can easily switch to the mobile platform without any hint of disturbance.

Traders are not confined to their computers or laptops and therefore enjoy their trading journey. In addition, the mobile app allows traders to increase their chances of getting better returns on investment as they can keep constant track of their transactions. For example, if a trader has placed a trade, he can react immediately following a particular market news or event. Traders will also get instant access to charts and graphs for any assets through their smartphones. Hence, binary options traders can relish from the diverse benefits associated with mobile trading.

Advantages of Mobile Trading:

  • Free and easy to download user-friendly mobile app
  • 24/7 trading – trade anywhere and at any time
  • Break free from traditional trading with an innovative feature
  • Increase your chances of earning high returns on investment
  • Place a transaction or react instantly following any market event/news
  • Access to live charts for currencies, stocks, commodities, indices

To start trading from your mobile, you simply need to:

  • Choose either Google Playstore or iOS depending on your requirements (relevant link, e.g, google playstore or iOS)
  • Download the trading app
  • Install the app on your smartphone
  • Start trading by choosing your asset
  • Feel the excitement of mobile trading!
AlphaBinary mobile trading app for Android