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Discover long term options with alphabinary

Long term trading refers to a trade placed on a longer period for experienced traders who want to move on from general trading tools to a more vigorous kind of trading.

Long term trading is aimed at experienced traders who use their pool of knowledge and pour into the sea of trading. This type of trading is basically different from the usual trading tools available for trading. Long term trading offers an array of trading techniques which have boosted the use of this type of trading among traders. Day by day, the use of long term options has been propagated and has become a useful trading tool.

The markets are usually fluctuating and highly volatile, following which traders

depend solely on technical analysis and daily changes pertaining to economic events. On the long run , a trader is opened to a myriad of information concerning global economic event and closely follow each and every movement, to know how the underlying asset will be affected.

Normally long term options, offers a range of expiry times extending from, days, weeks, months or even years. The trader decides how and when he wants to trade.

A notion into the functions of long term trades

The expiry time

Assets value swing a lot on the charts. It is difficult to predict the exact movement of an asset, but with binary options, a lot of trading methods have been adequately put through their right value. Just like in the case of long term which can also relate to a given expiry time.

The risks involved

It becomes obvious that long term trading will carry higher risks. Contrary to that, a well prepared and experienced trader will study the market before proceeding with his trading endeavour. Given the higher risks implications, the profits can be substantial. Experienced traders need to build up powerful trading strategies and take sound decisions pertaining to the amount that needs to be invested.

User-Friendliness and ease of trading long term on AlphaBinary

In relation to a day trading concept, a trader can hold a position open for an entire day, and the trade will eventually close when the market closes. Usually a whole day is not enough for long term trades, however, it is sufficient enough to scrutinize the prices fluctuations on various charts which may bring considerable profits.

Interactive charts on AlphaBinary’s trading platform brings a lot more clarifications pertaining to the trades. Many trading tools that are put at your disposal, such as the long term determine the amount generated by certain trades and already shows the amount to be lost if prediction goes wrong.

Advantages of Long Term Trading

Better Odds

Prices of assets have a drastic modification on the charts. Long term trading, as you know, implies setting a broader expiry time. Longer period of time also means that there are bigger chances of price hike due to volatility. This is quite rare on short-term, as calculations are higher during a long term trade. This gives traders more opportunity to analyse an asset trend.

Optimization of time

Trading full time can be time consuming and constant analysis during a whole day can prove to be quite stressful. Long term trading help to alleviate such situations as the strategy used here, help traders to open trading positions during their work schedule. While a trader is at work, he can open a trade position, and check the evolution at the end of the day.

Trade with a clear mind

Many traders who trade on a full time basis tend to get emotional and often go haywire from the actual purpose of trading. It has been noted that traders who choose long term options learn to stay poised and clear headed.

How to trade Long Term Options with AlphaBinary?

Choose an Asset

A trader is offered a variety of assets just by clicking on the drop down menu. Opening an account is indispensable if a trader wants to transact on AlphaBinary.

Choose an expiry time

Trader may choose an expiry time depending on the asset chosen.

Choose direction

Live graphs help traders get current price fluctuations. If a trader thinks that an asset will expire above the current price, he should choose CALL, otherwise he should choose, PUT.


Select the investment amount accordingly.

Click on Approve


Many professional forecasters use the long term trading feature when they are certain on a price trend. Traders should have a sound knowledge about the market, and study the price volatility and liquidity, which are key factors in this type of trading. AlphaBinary offers assets in a wide range.

Intelligent traders will know that investment should be kept to a strict minimum. Rational trading is extremely important, just as contemplating about impressive profits could lead to illusion which could imply massive losses.