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Chrono trading tool by Alphabinary

Among the diverse trading instruments that AlphaBinary offers, traders can find the chrono trading tool. In fact, it is one of the most effective tools which traders use to improve gains in short lapse of time.

Chrono trading’s speciality is its short time span, ranging from 30 seconds to 300 seconds. Traders with different trading levels can use this instrument as the chrono tool can be termed as the easiest to use among the panoply of other tools.

What is chrono trading?

Chrono trading has gained a lot of popularity since its outset. It is also known as 60 seconds trading, short term options or short term trading. This trading tool is found in the trading section of AlphaBinary’s platform. On the toolbar, chrono trading is the fourth trading instrument.

Chrono trading is very straightforward and easy to use. In other words, using this trading tool is like a five-finger exercise. This instrument provides the possibility of instant profits and allows traders to take advantage of markets with high volatility.

How does chrono trading work?

Traders who want to use this trading tool need to ensure that they are aware of or have a good knowledge of market fluctuations as this tool requires traders to always be proactive. Basically, short-term trading is very simple however, if traders need more guidance on how to use this tool, they can request the assistance of an Expert Trader for guidance.

Chrono trading also endows its traders with the broadest range of expiry times namely 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 120 seconds, 180 seconds and 300 seconds. As such, traders can earn returns within seconds rather than having to wait for long hours, days or months.

To trade with this exclusive instrument, traders need to click on the “Chrono Trading” bar found on AlphaBinary’s platform. Afterwards, they need to choose an asset; an expiry time as well as an investment amount. Traders need to bear in mind that the minimum investment amount for this tool is $5.

Chrono trading enables traders to place transactions by using either the Call or Put options. With this trading tool, investors can either click on “Call” if they think that the price of the chosen asset will rise and “Put” if they think that the price will drop.

Advantages of chrono trading

Fast Returns on Investments

Traders can earn returns within seconds with this tool therefore limiting the time spent in monitoring the open position and the asset as well.

Thrilling trading tool

The chrono tool forte is its rapidity and it ultimately creates more thrill for the trader using it. During the lapse of 30 seconds for instance, traders are hooked up to their seat, analyzing the asset’s trend in the quest to see it reach the set target. Thrill seekers are definitely going to enjoy this trading tool.

Very low investment amount required

The minimum investment amount needed to use this trading tool on AlphaBinary is only $5 thereby making it accessible to traders who have a small investment portfolio.

Up to 85% payouts

AlphaBinary enables its traders to earn up to 85% profits when they use chrono trading regardless of the amount they have invested.

Very easy and simple to use

With its straightforward nature, it is very easy and simple to understand and use short-term options. Both new and experienced traders can use this amazing trading instrument for their benefits.

No time constraints

With chrono trading, users have unlimited trading opportunities, given the short expiry times. Traders can place unlimited amount of transactions according to their trading account balance.

How to trade chrono with AlphaBinary

  • Traders who already have an AlphaBinary account, simply need to login. Having an account with AlphaBinary is very essential for any trader who wants to trade on its platform.
  • Traders who do not have an account should create an account and then log in. They need to ensure that their account is active before they start trading. To activate their account, they need to submit their compliance documents and then deposit funds.
  • Once their accounts are active, traders need to click on “Trading Arena” on AlphaBinary’s homepage and then click on “Chrono Trading”. Once this is done, traders need to choose an asset and specify an expiry time.
  • It is very important to decide on how much to invest on a trade. Hence, traders need to decide on their investment amount and they should also note that the minimum investment amount for short-term options is $5 and the maximum amount is of $500.
  • Afterwards, traders need to choose either the “Call or “Put” positions depending on their assessment concerning the price movement of their chosen asset.
  • Finally, traders need to click on “Apply” and wait till the transaction expires to know whether they have won or lost the transaction. they can as well monitor their transaction on the ‘Open Position’ section.