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At AlphaBinary, we understand that trading binary options can sometimes be challenging. As such, we created our trading platform to ease your trading experience. Besides this, there are different tools at your disposal.

Classic Binary Options

binary options trading with alphabinary

The Classic Binary Options tool is the essence of binary options trading. This trading tool gives traders access to transact on multiple underlying assets.

Here’s why classic binary options trading tool can be adequate:

  • Minimum investment amount of 35 AUD
  • Numerous assets to trade on
  • Flexible expiry times of 15 minutes interval
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Pairs Trading

Discover the pairs trading tool provided by alphabinary

The Pairs option differentiate itself from the other trading instruments by its own features. The Pairs option enables traders to gauge the strength of two specific underlying assets such as Gold and Silver.

What makes this trading tool exceptional features:

  • Minimum investment amount of $25
  • Trade major commodities and stocks
  • Better payouts based on your investments and market fluctuations
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Long Term Trading

Learn more about the long term trading tool offered by alphabinary

The Long Term trading instrument, as the name suggests, it enables traders to place transactions with longer expiry times. The thrill of this trading tool is that traders can study the trend of assets on a longer basis.

What you benefit from this trading tool:

  • Minimum investment amount of 35 AUD
  • Multiple assets
  • Expiry times stretching to even 1 year
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Chrono Trading

Discover the chrono trading tool provided by our trading platform

The Chrono trading tool is considered as one of the most sought-after instrument, giving traders the possibility to maximize gains in 60 seconds. Its features have enticed traders with different trading levels.

Here’s why traders love Chrono trading:

  • Minimum investment amount of $5
  • Payouts of up to 70%
  • Several assets to trade with
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One Touch Options

What is the one touch trading tool?

One Touch trading tool is one of the most used tool for its features. This tool is mostly used by traders who have a good notion of the financial markets.

Here’s why traders choose the One Touch options:

  • Minimum investment amount of $50
  • Profit percentage of up to 500%
  • Relish from market volatility
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Ladder Trading

How to use the ladder trading tool on Alphabinary

Ladder trading is mostly appreciated by experienced traders who prefer market challenges but aim at highly rewarding outcomes. Its notch of complexity turns binary options trading even more thrilling.

Traders opt for Ladder Trading for these reasons:

  • Ladder Trading allows live trading on assets
  • Profits can usually be high according to markets fluctuations
  • Traders can choose 5 expiry time on the same asset
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Forex Options

transact forex easily with this trading tool

Forex adepts have a new approach to trade with the Forex options trading tool. This trading instrument has been conceived for traders who have a knack for currency trading but this concept has been transformed and adapted on a binary options trading sphere.

Benefits of this trading tool:

  • Traders can stop the trade process at anytime
  • There is no need to download any middleware software
  • Traders have the flexibility to invest the amount they want
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Mobile Trading

Try mobile trading with AlphaBinary

AlphaBinary proposes mobile trading for enthusiasts who want to transact through their smartphone or any other mobile device. Trading binary options can be very thrilling especially when traders can carry their trading platform everywhere with them.

Benefits of mobile trading:

  • User friendly interface
  • Access to the trading platform and all assets
  • Time-saving. This is subjective to your understanding of our trading platform
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