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Trade binary options with AlphaBinary

Binary options trading is the speculation of key assets performance within a given time frame. Binary trading gained much popularity during the 2008 period, a situation when the world was facing a severe financial crisis. But what are binary options?

Binary options trading has surpassed all these circumstances and has today been adopted by many. However, in order to learn how to trade binary options, it is essential to get acquainted to its concurrent, which includes physically buying an asset.

In mostly all other types of trading methods, one needs to buy an asset which they prefer to invest in. The profit or loss depends on the changing value of the asset. If the value of the asset

increases and the investor sells it, he will be remunerated while if he sells it when its value is decreasing, he will lose the money he invested. Hence, in this type of investment, traders are anxious concerning when to sell the asset or when to leave the market. However, binary options trading completely differ from these types of investments.

In binary options trading, traders simply need to assess the movement of an asset for a predetermined time span. They need not buy the assets during their investment. As such, traders do not feel the stress associated with other types of trading methods. Binary options trading is much more straightforward.

The basics of binary options trading

Learn Binary Options Trading

AlphaBinary is the perfect platform to learn how to trade binary options. Binary options are the most recent and remunerative financial instrument which is used in the global markets. Traders use binary options to earn extra income safely and with a minimum of risks. However, one needs to learn about binary options to be able to make the most of it; a minimum knowledge is more than beneficial for beginners.

AlphaBinary provides a unique learning section, precisely known as SquareOne, whereby traders can learn more about binary options as well as imbibing the essential information in guise of e-books, videos, manuals and much more. SquareOne has been implemented so that both new and experienced traders can enrich their knowledge while trading. This exclusive binary options academy has been endowed to provide aspirant and professional traders with the finest binary options materials. This concept has been conceived after due thought following the approach to empower traders right at the start of their trading journey.

Choosing an asset to trade

Binary options trading involves dealing with assets and having a basic knowledge of these holdings will help traders easily identify themselves on the binary options platform. By choosing the right asset or an asset on which traders can follow updates, they can rest assured that trading will become even more easier and enjoyable. For example, if a trader knows about the current fluctuations of a currency, he/she can speculate its next movement by simply following the market charts or graphs. AlphaBinary provides a wide range of assets on which traders can place transactions.

Assets that can be traded on binary options

There is a wide variety of international assets that can be traded with binary options. These assets include Indices – such as Nasdaq, Dow Jones, FTSE, Nikkei and many more; Commodities – Gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, Coffee and several more; Stocks – like Google, Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, Coca Cola and many more and Currencies – EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD among others. As such, AlphaBinary provides a list of gilt-edged assets which traders can use to their advantage.

Advantages of binary options trading

Trade in all simplicity

Unlike traditional trading methods, binary options is more accessible to the common man. This is due to the nature of binary options which focuses on simplicity and ease of access. Binary options can be traded by people of any age group, given that they meet the legal age requirement. Traders do not necessarily need to have a past financial background in order to earn potentially good return on investment.

Traders already know what to expect in terms of profit/loss

While trading binary options with AlphaBinary, all profits percentage are predetermined. When placing a transaction, traders are required to insert an investment amount and accordingly, the percentage profits are calculated. This is not possible when you are physically buying an asset as market volatility plays a great role in determining your profits.

Traders can follow market trend to execute their transactions

Executing trades within the barriers of binary options gets even more easy because all required information are readily accessible. In fact, AlphaBinary update traders with market news on a daily basis so that they assess the tendency of their preferred asset, all in one platform. Traders who are even more dedicated to binary options trading can even go to broader financial sites to get an apercu of what is trending in major economies around the world.

Time-saving potential gains

The rapidity with which returns on investment can be obtained is remarkable. Trading tools such as the Classic binary options and the Chrono trading tools for instance are the favourites of many due to their rapid nature. On the Chrono tool, traders can set their expiry time to 30 seconds and eventually reap its benefits if the market goes in their favour.

Traders can place multiple transactions

The facility that binary options offers is that traders can open various transactions on different trading tools and monitor their transactions on the ‘Open Position’ section. The user-friendly platform that AlphaBinary offers makes this process even more pleasant.

How to trade binary options with AlphaBinary?

  • Firstly, traders need to open an account
  • Accordingly, an account type must be chosen and funds must be deposited in order to activate the trading account
  • The next step is to choose a trading tool and as required, select an asset followed by the expiry time and investment amount
  • The final step is to click on “Apply” and to get started

(Note: All transaction outcomes are communicated through email)