The AlphaBinary Compliance Team requires your identification documents in order to ensure that no usurpation of identity takes place and to limit the risks of fraudulent activities during your trading journey.

How does Compliance work?

The required documents are as follows:

  • Proof of ID: Certified scanned copy of your International Passport as a valid identification document issued by your country‚Äôs Government. The identification document should be clear and of high quality.
  • Proof of Residential Address: A certified copy of your utility bill (Electricity/Gas/Water/Bank Statement) which clearly displays your name and address. Please note that the document should not be older than 3 months. In case you do not possess any of the above mentioned bills, please send us a notarized document, not older than 3 months, which clearly displays your credentials. A Declaration of Address Form which you have filled and signed is also acceptable. Please note that only handwritten signature are accepted.
  • Certified copy of your Credit Card displaying your name, the expiration date, the last four digits on the front and the signature at the back. You should keep the rest of the details concealed.
    • CVV on the back of the card are hidden (3 digits number)
    • The 12 digits on the front of the card are also hidden.

The Deposit Confirmation Form should also be submitted which include all the deposits details and bearing your handwritten signature.

Please note that we reserve the right to request additional information and/or clarification at all times.

How to submit the documents?

  • Make sure that you have all the requested documents. These should be in good quality.
  • Send all the required documents to our Compliance Team on [email protected]

For a detailed outline, you can consult our KYC Manual

Help us protect you

Compliance procedure is an essential element in the financial world and financial institutions strive to abide by the rules established under the aegis of the law. This procedure is adopted in order to ensure complete conformance to the rules and regulations of both company and governmental standards. AlphaBinary has set its Compliance Department in order to monitor all of the compliance guidelines and issues, as well as protect the rights and the interests of both traders and the company. AlphaBinary goes a long way in ensuring that its responsibilities and daily operations are properly managed in order to operate efficiently.